I’m a former Mormon and after my mom found the Lord, she encourage me to read the Bible. It was discovering John 14:6, that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life and the only way to the Father that I came to faith and have been serving Him ever since. May the Lord use The Book of John Project to reach many with the glorious Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ!
— Susan Young (La Palma, CA)
Peace for all. Wonderful verses that show us that Jesus Christ is the only God... forever and ever!
— Mauricio Sanches [São Paulo, Brazil]
Thank you so much for doing The Book of John in Song in Granada Hills. I was so energized and loved every minute of it. It really is a magnificent work, and it is really what the world needs right now... to know Jesus!
— John MacFarlane [Los Angeles, California]
I had the privilege of singing many of these songs in Israel in Feb. 2017 and will never forget singing the song “The Cross”. There is a line in the song that says “it was there all my sins were washed away” but when I sang it that day I realized I had to sing “It was HERE all my sins were washed away. It was a worship moment I’ll never forget. Jesus really did come to this earth and die for you and me!
— Tommy Walker
In the first two concerts that have been done, we have already seen several people commit their lives to Christ. Hallelujah!
God has graced us with a sense of His presence as we have been recording these songs in the studio