The Book of John In Song is a multi-faceted project. One of the elements within the project is the Book of John live worship evangelism concert.

Believers and non-believers alike will be impacted by this worship time. As the concert unfolds there is great power in the singing of these worship songs and selected readings directly from scripture! We are excited to involve members of your church; your choir, several narrators, your pastor and others will help walk with us through John’s gospel. By the end of the event we believe God will be honored, the lost will be found and the broken restored.


• We ask that you invite your congregation to complete the 21-day Bible reading plan before we come. This will make them familiar with the worship songs.

• If your choir would like to be involved, we would suggest you purchasing the “BOJ Choir Packet” through Prism Music (the packet includes: choir charts, stems & rehearsal tracks.)

• We ask that each church member consider invite a non-believing/ seeking friend to the concert. We would encourage them describe it as a “Gospel of John musical” rather than a Tommy Walker, Christian concert. 


• The cost of this concert can depend on many factors; travel expenses, musicians, equipment, etc.

If you would like more information on how you can host a Book of John in Song Live Evangelistic Concert, please contact us at: